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What Do Mormons Do on Christmas?


I have not reblogged for a while. Here is a good one on Christmas and Mormons.

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My mother used to joke that Easter and Christmas were the only two days of the year when all the rest of the Christian world goes to Church, and the Mormons stay home.  She wasn’t too far off the mark.  Easter occasionally falls on the same Sunday as our worldwide General Conference, which means we would be watching Conference at home rather than going to Church.  And, unlike many other Christian sects, we do not have services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

mesa-temple-christmas-759381-galleryIt isn’t like we don’t celebrate Christmas.  We do.  (It’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses that skip out on the holiday).  The Christmas season is a cherished time for Latter-day Saints.  We have a Christmas Devotional near the beginning of the month, broadcast from Salt Lake City with talks from the president of the Church and other general authorities, accompanied by uplifting music of the season.  This year, the…

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Let there be Pork!

Posted a recipe that said you needed to use the 10 Brothers Crock Pot Pulled Pork recipe. Promised that I would post that one.

There really isn’t much that is better than pulled pork for sandwiches and so many other dishes. I love this stuff. I admit there are probably some of you out there that would say I am wasting good stuff by throwing away the liquid that remains in the crock pot when this is finished.

Personally, when so much good eats there with the pork, why waste time on that stuff.



Yummy. So many different uses, all of them delicious.

Yummy. So many different uses, all of them delicious.

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