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Trail of Hope


I wish my Hunsaker Ancestor would have wrote more about the experience.

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Parley Street in Nauvoo leads to the banks of the Mississippi River from which thousands of Saints began their exodus from the City of Joseph. Parley Street is now known as ‘The Trail of Hope’ and all along its length are 30 historic marker boards containing quotes from those who left their homes in Nauvoo to begin the long trek to their Promised Land. To walk down Parley Street and read the boards is memorable and moving.


“Our camp resounded with songs of joy and praise to God, all were cheerful and happy in the anticipation of finding a resting place from persecution in some of the lonely, solitary valleys of the great interior basin whithersoever we might be led.” Orson Pratt


How well I remember what a hard time (father) had breaking in the animals to draw the wagon. There were six cows…

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It seems odd to talk today about yesterday, but I don’t remember yesterday; I remember today.

Today, 9 February 2015, is an anniversary of sorts for me.

February 9th is a date that ranks in the Top 10 days of the year for me. EVERY year I remember this date. The date is one of those that my life hinges upon. The events of this date changed my life as much as or more than any other day in my life. This date was one of the major cross-roads days in my life.

I have measured my life from this date now for more than 28 years.

This date is remembered more clearly than the date I graduated from High School, more than two graduations from Universities, more than the date that I started or finished my LDS mission. The only dates that have more significance that today are related to my marriage, my children’s births, and the dates when I was baptized and took out my LDS Temple Endowments.

The decision at this cross-road of my life has been like the hinge of a door, the direction of my life has been defined as much by the events of this day as nearly every other day and that day’s events.

Today was the day I arrived in Orlando, FL to begin the odyssey of 2192 days that encompassed the training that changed my thoughts of career and are the reason that I work in China now. Today was the day that I began to learn to speak in acronyms. Today I began to learn to speak the phonetic alphabet. Today was the day that introduced me to a path that proved to me that I could pass any test if I wanted to.

Today is the date I began my Obligated Service in the USN as a prospective nuclear power candidate recruit. But, more importantly, YESTERDAY was the day that obligated service all ended 22 years ago and that is the more important day even though I remember it on the 9th.

Yes, I am a veteran and that all started YESTERDAY 22 years ago. So, while I remember it today, yesterday is really the important day. It represents the day that I began to live the rest of my life. The day that I looked at that experience in my review mirror of life more than happy to have it in the past. That is why YESTERDAY is better than today.tick tock

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