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When my husband, Tyler, and I were matched with our first son we worked with an amazing case worker, Regina. We felt an instant connection with Regina and remained close after she left our agency. Later we would learn that Regina was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Shortly before our son was adopted I began having a recurring dream about Regina, the dream never changed and I started having this dream every other night. The dream always consisted of Regina and I in her kitchen talking during which conversation I would ask her to tell me a bit more about her faith. I could never remember what she told me, the next part of the dream I could remember was me deciding to convert and then I would wake up. I always woke up feeling at peace but dying to know more. I delayed…

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The Things We do for Love (Dirty Jobs: Daughter Edition)


As much as we like to imagine we won’t be the one, sometimes we are. My monkey friend George reminds me that I have been lucky so far; a few weeks in 2004 was just the beginning for me I am afraid. There will be more in the future I am afraid.

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My dad had hip replacement surgery last Friday. The procedure went well, and he was discharged on Sunday, with physical therapy scheduled for Monday. My mom got sick on Sunday night, and couldn’t bring him to his appointment. I volunteered to transport him to and from therapy. He called that morning and explained that he really needed bathing. Could I pick him up early and bring him to my Nana’s house so he could use her walk-in shower? An hour later, we were standing in her bathroom, unloading my dad’s Pert Plus and Irish Spring  from a ratty blue duffle bag.

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