Posted by: 1of10boyz | September 27, 2011

In the beginning . . .

I am apprehensive and excited about the experiences that we are about to begin. I have pondered the need to do a better job of capturing my feelings, my thoughts, and my perceptions of life.

This blog is my attempt at sharing with others what I find to be interesting, perplexing, and thought provoking. I hope that what I have to say will give you an opportunity to see into my life experiences through the rose colored glasses that I wear. I am most frequently an optimist, I am sure that you will find points in my writing where I have slide down my rope to the point where I am a pessimist. Please feel free to encourage me re-evaluate the glass and see it “half full, rather than half empty”.

I will be attempting to capture some of my reflections and thoughts about what got me to this point. So some of my posts will be what I and my industry would call a “Late Entry”. I will not apologize for my use of acronyms and jargon. My professional career and my personal life have been one that is heavily reliant on a vernacular that is unique. I will attempt to clarify when I remember that many of my readers will not understand, but I know that there are situations where I will forget. Please comment when I have missed something that makes my writing difficult for you to understand.

So, it has begun. I hope you enjoy.


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