Posted by: 1of10boyz | October 17, 2011

You wearing THAT to climb Mt Tai?

I am constantly surprised in my comings and goings in the Middle Kingdom with the clothes worn. I call it my inappropriate choice for situation problem. I find China to be rather modest for the most part; all of the appropriate parts are covered if you understand my meaning. However, there seems to be a problem comprehending when something might not be appropriate or inappropriate. On our climb of Tai Shan we have several classic examples. I doubt that they boyfriend surprised the young lady with a request to climb Mt Tai after she selected her clothes for the day, so it seems peculiar or unusual to chose 4 inch heels and a super-short skirt. This young lady and her companion, in what would be considered a short skirt in any circumstance more appropriate for the club scene, with her 4” high heels and stockings pass us on the stairs (I know doesn’t say much for our climbing abilities). Quite certain that on the steep stairs the people behind her didn’t have much left to their imagination. Needless to say we rested a little longer than normal to give her some distance before we resumed our climb.

What would possess a woman to wear a dress or skirt to climb 7000+ stairs with an incline to the stair case such that what the skirt/dress was intended to cover is not?


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