Posted by: 1of10boyz | November 2, 2011

The Lord’s House – Star Valley, WY

While it is Saturday night or early Sunday morning for us in Hong Kong on our vacation, it is just Saturday morning in the Mountain Time Zone. While we are getting ready for bed after flying from Qingdao to Hong Kong via Shanghai, we get several text messages from our children that are back in the USA. They indicate that President Monson has just announced that there will be an LDS temple built in Star Valley, WY. I am speechless. I ponder what that actually means for those of us that call Star Valley home. What a wonderful blessing. What a change that will bring to our beautiful little valley.

I have heard all of my life that Elder Moses Thatcher had prophesied that a temple would be built in Star Valley when the valley was first being settled by the saints in the last part of the 19th century. I have been told that it will be on the elevated bench at the mouth of Swift Creek Canyon, I now wonder if that is the actually location for this temple or will it be built on the same block as the Afton Tabernacle. What a spectacular dilemma.

I have loved Star Valley all of my life, I was born there, I grew up there, I have made sacrifices in my career to raise my children there. During my lifetime it has been challenging, even impossible, for people to make a living there. I have often wondered what could transpire to make it possible for people to make a living there. What industry could be developed or provided that could make it possible for people to continue to live there and provide for their families? There are so many people now that live in Star Valley that travel all over to make a living, what was considered crazy for my Dad (he covered Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming for IBM in the 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s and drove 60K to 80K miles a year for work) is now almost routine for most people living in Star Valley. While I don’t know the answer to that question I no longer doubt that there will be one. This announcement is certainly momentous and important to me.

I wonder if those who live there who are not of our faith understand the significance this announcement brings for them? Those that make their living by providing lodging and services will be blessed by this building, for it is more than just a building. It is the House of the Lord. It will bless all in this little valley, it will bless those that will be assigned to it as part of its temple district. It will become a destination for visitors and patrons whose money will invigorate the local economy; for the rain will fall on righteous as well as everyone else.

I think it will be interesting for the next four years to get the snapshots of change as they occur. We will remember the valley as we left it and return a year later to see changes that gradually occurred. It will be something similar to time-lapse photography for us.

This momentus event does, however, bring another one of those little stories back to my memory. It has also been said that a vision was seen, again attributed to Elder Smoot, but it might have been someone else – Thatcher maybe, that in the last days the valley floor would be covered with the tents of those who had fled the city for protection.  I certainly now wonder less about whether that will happen or not. I found that prophecy to be easier to believe than that I would ever see the day when Star Valley, WY would have temple.

Praise the Lord as my Baptist friends say. I am glad to be a member of His church on the earth today. This is truly an exciting time to be on the earth, I hope that I am doing all I can to spread the gospel and to open doors for it to be spread.



  1. I believe it was the Apostle Moses Thatcher that prophesied a Temple in SV when he dedicated the valley for the settling of the Saints. Regardless, I agree it will be a great blessing to those that live there.

    • Thanks Bishop Hokanson for helping me get the facts correct. I spent several hours on the 5th of October trying to find some definitive proof on the internet for this prophesy and found nothing. Grateful to those folks at that found the right references and documented it. Amazing to think that some guy could say something like that about the little tiny place it had to have been at the turn of the century. Gives me faith that “some guy” was probably something that he claimed to be, an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Who are you? I live in SV upper valley and my son is interested in going in to the military. I would like to get in contact with you . I feel like you did the service in a way that built you and your family. I need to hear more. I found your blog on a search for temple info! : )

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