Posted by: 1of10boyz | March 29, 2012

One of the blogs that I read regularly. He makes some good points in this blog about the problems with people that are in China teaching English. Not sure I would want to teach english here, most of those I meet that teach english are not what he is seeing, but then we live in different parts of China.

Shards of China

Why do I pick on English teachers in this blog? Well it’s not because they’re all bad – I know a lot of English teachers here and some are excellent professionals who once had a passion for teaching and learning. I say once had, because Chinese schools are notorious for driving this out of their teaching staff.

Most Chinese students have ridiculously heavy school schedules – far longer than in the West, and they work from morning to night on a stupid number of subjects followed by homework – 6 days a week. They need a pass in English to get accepted onto a degree course but for the vast majority they will jettison this skill that same day and never use it again. So they don’t want passionate enthusiastic teachers – they want to get through this minor annoyance with a minimum of fuss.

In my experience it takes…

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