Posted by: 1of10boyz | May 7, 2012

Rob Hits this one on the head. What is a cult anyway? Doesn’t much sound like Mormons to me, but then I am one so I would say we aren’t cult anyway.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

“A cult is a church down the street from your church.” Anonymous.

Riding along with the allegation that Mormons aren’t Christians is the nastier charge that Mormonism is a “cult.” I’ve found that when that assertion is made, the critic usually isn’t concerned about defining his terms, but instead merely wants to frighten people with images of Jim Jones and Branch Davidians. Such critics usually share one common characteristic: They know virtually nothing about Mormons except that they should fear them.

The term “cult” is defined in any multitude of ways, depending upon the context and intent of the user. Until the 1970s the word was not nearly as emotionally charged as it is now. Depending upon your definition, Christianity itself properly can be referred to as a cult, as can virtually any Christian denomination. But since the Jonestown massacre, the general public generally uses the term as shorthand for…

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