Posted by: 1of10boyz | May 18, 2012

Thanks to Rob again, I wish that I could explain it as well. I hope it helps you answer some of your questions about Mormons.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

Although my family joined the LDS Church when I was a young child, I was raised around people of many different Christian faiths.  My father’s family were Catholics (if you really pressed the issue).  My grandfather on my mother’s side was a Methodist minister (with a curious agnostic streak).  Much of the rest of my mother’s family leaned towards various Evangelical churches (or, in a pinch, sometimes set up their own).

Despite this religious diversity, my family members had at least one thing in common:  Their view of Heaven or Hell.  More accurately, although they might differ about the nature of Heaven and Hell, they at least agreed that those were the only two options after this life.  If you lived a good life, you went to Heaven, doing heaven knows what, but it most likely involved harps.  If you lived a bad life, you went to Hell, which promised some combination of fire, brimstone, and bad…

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