Posted by: 1of10boyz | July 1, 2012

A peasant I am not

I thought it might be interesting to share a number of photos of the challenges the farmers in China face. I have been fascinated by the challenges that still exist in China for the farmers.

This experience in China has opened my eyes to the challenges that third world countries face with their farms. I would never have imagined that just down the street from a plural quantity of the most advanced nuclear reactors in the world the farming methods are as primitive as the earliest farming methods of the modern Americas. Over the past several months, since winter has relented, I have seen in the fields in the distance a sight I never imagined, the human powered plow.

I have seen the human powered plow pulled by the young wife, the son, the father, the grandfather, and the grandmother.  I have failed to get many of those pictures, but today I got enough to share with you.

I have seen the whole spectrum of the evolution of preparing the soil. I have seen the human plow, the ox drawn plow, the two wheel tractor plow, the two-wheeled rototiller, and finally the tractor and its assorted implements. It really seems amazing that I can see all of this in a single day. It is even more amazing that I can see them in the same square kilometer.

It is also the end of the red wheat (hard winter wheat – the staple of the American diet) season. I have seen a lot of grain harvested in my life. I have watched the combines work the fields in Star Valley and I have seen them work the fields across Antelope Flats. The little combines or threshing machines here in China look a lot like those I would have seen in the 1970s. They are also quite different from the US version because of the size of the threshing head. The US version of a combine will have a head that is between 20 and 35 feet wide. The Chinese versions that I have seen in Haiyang are just barely the width of the tire tread, the head is less than 7 feet wide at best.

I am happy to be an American. I am happy that I have never been a peasant farmer. I love the Chinese people and hope that as some point that all of the “animals” in this little Animal Farm experience I get to see get to be equal again. It really isn’t fair that the pigs are the only ones living in the farmers house right now.



  1. Interesting, isn’t it?

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