Posted by: 1of10boyz | July 10, 2012

Hope that you can see some of what Rob describes as “typical” in me. I would say there are others that are more typical but I didn’t fall too far from the tree either.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

Not every question tossed my way about my faith has to do with deep doctrinal issues. Often, people are just interested in how life is different as a Mormon.

That may be the most important question you can ask about any faith. Ultimately, the value of any religion should be reflected in the lives of the people who follow it. For that reason, I always smile when I see critics of Mormonism caution people not to be duped by the positives they see in Mormon behavior. Apparently we are going to be the nicest people in Hell. But if we really are the whack jobs our critics paint us as being, wouldn’t you expect our behavior to reflect at least some of the bizarre circus going on in our heads?

The truth is, if people took the time to really get to know a few Mormons, they probably would be…

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