Posted by: 1of10boyz | September 6, 2012

Building a Nuclear Power Plant

I have finally reached the exciting point of my job here in Haiyang. I now have an excuse to go out to the construction site each day to check on the progress of the construction team as we prepare for Turnover.

I thought it would be nice to share some of those pictures of the AP1000 as it is being built.



  1. Jerry, It’s nice to see the progress that the project is making, It reminds me of my days at TMI, Maine Yankee and all of the other sites that that worked at with PWR units. The construction equipment and rigging has evolved to a point that the lifts can be accomplished in one motion instead of 3-4. What is the schedule date for initial operation of the plant. I enjoy your commentaries and my impressions of china is very similar and I also was impressed with the building boom in Shanghai as I was informed that one highrise was being completed every day when I was there.
    Stay safe and enjoy the journey

    Mike Wilchek

    • We are looking at a late 2013 date in the schedule for beginning our power testing. Biggest challenge has been with the constructor meeting the dates, not unlike most construction projects. We have struggles here with man-power, I almost laugh at the problems now as I remember saying many times on projects in the US that we just need to hire a million Chinese to come work on it. I am finding now that there aren’t a million Chinese qualified to do the work so that can’t be the solution to the problem. I am still amazed that they have man-power problems in this country considering how many people there are here.

  2. Saying the unsaid word – qualified manpower. Seems like something right out of Atlas Shrugs.

    • We were actually in the middle of the the project and had a total of 6 qualified welders. We then sent 5 of them to our sister plant in Sanmen because they needed them more than we did. They couldn’t find enough so they stole ours. It is really tough to build a Nuclear Power Plant with 1 welder.

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