Posted by: 1of10boyz | October 20, 2012

A moment in a Fishing Village.

I have always had a love for the sea. Maybe it was Hemingway or Melvin, it might just be in my blood.

I wandered through the little fishing village about 3 kilometers from the housing complex at low tide.

I was not disappointed by what I saw. The villagers were surprised to see me and my dog. They were surprised and gasp as I just grabbed up the dog and carried him across the little flow of water that comes down the river at low tide. I don’t think that they expected me to just walk right in shoes and all since most of them would consider the shoes I am wear as their go to town shoes. They are all wearing flip-flops (they look brand new after coming out of the washer). I got a big thumbs up for spending the time to try and capture the images of their little ramshackle collection of boats.

Their work continued and the American saw another side of China that most don’t get to see. The Chinese continued what they were doing and ignored me for the most part, if you don’t count the stares and finger pointing. OK, the work stopped as I passed through the village, I can never get them doing what they always do. I am an oddity and my telephoto lens isn’t nearly long enough to get them before they notice me.



  1. Can’t wait to get back!!! So miss walking on the beach with you.

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