Posted by: 1of10boyz | November 11, 2012

Continued Censorship

One of the subtle but often obvious challenges of living in China, CENSORSHIP.
Most of the time I don’t really care and even notice that the communists don’t like most of the internet. You might argue that the internet it huge and it is unjust to say that they don’t like most of the internet, but there are those who claim that more than half of the internet is Porn. I don’t mind that they block Porn. I don’t need and don’t want it on my computer. Even if I forget to set my search engine on safe mode, the Communists have by default blocked everything that I didn’t want to see anyway.

I doesn’t take long for me to remember to be on safe mode if I am on the VPN.

Sure I wish that the 1.5 billion people living over here had more opportunity to make the decision on their own instead of having the government make it for them. I wish that their opportunities were more like what I imagine America is like, but then I am also the same guy that is concerned that the America I grew up knowing is on its death bed too.

Censorship is a slippery slope. Once you start telling people what they can and can’t do AND start forcing them to do it one way, then in my opinion, you have made a mistake. While I despise porn for the evils that it represents and causes to occur, I think that each of us deserves the ability to make a choice about it. I don’t miss it when it is censored here, not even a little, but it really isn’t censored either.

Porn in some form is always present when I go shopping at my little antique markets. The books are there, the risque objects are there, the “yellow” art is there. So have the censors really done anything? Or, have they just made sure that the elite have access because they have the VPN and the means to look outside of what the government dictates.

The more time I spend over here the more I find the similarities to Orwell’s Animal Farm to be true or at least uncannily similar. In this land of pork and rice, some animals or more equal than others.

China Daily Mail

All Google services, including its search engine, Gmail and Maps, were inaccessible in China on Friday night and into Saturday, the company confirmed. The block comes as the 18th Communist Party Congress, the once-in-a-decade meeting to appoint new government leadership, gets under way.

Traffic to Google sites fell off Friday evening in China, according to Google’s Transparency Report, which provides information about traffic worldwide.

The company said it was not having any technical problems, but did not say whether it believed its sites had been blocked by the government or were the victims of hacking.

“We’ve checked and there’s nothing wrong on our end,” said Christine Chen, a Google spokeswoman.

Despite great fanfare, China’s Party Congress takes place under wraps. Reporters are not allowed in, and in the days preceding the event, the government has imposed restrictions ranging from replacing books in bookstores to banning balloons because…

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  1. I’d call this the land of mutton and bread, out here at least.

    I get what you are saying about censorship, but not all censorship in China is about politics, I see it’s more about economics and protecting Chinese internet businesses. The guise is protecting the people, but the reality is about protecting the business interests. By and large, Chinese people are the same as American people, they want the same things and have interest in the same things. They don’t care so much about real freedom and are more interested in the latest star gossip or some made up news story. They’re more concerned with making a living and taking care of their family than getting some kind of freedom.

    I think that if the internet got wide open tomorrow, the only ones who would notice are the Chinese internet businesses and the “terrorists”.

    It’s good that you are finding similarities with Animal Farm…..but you’ll really see a benefit from your time in China when you are able to view the similarities in the US with Animal Farm.

    • Oh, I see the similarities with the US and Animal Farm. I was a poli sci major for my first stint in college and that was when I feel in love with Orwell. Spent the last 25+ years seeing similarities and having way too many people thinking I was making it up. I originally thought about just the Russians were the object of the story, and many historians try to show the similarity there. My world got a lot broader with the travels beneath the surface of the ocean and now here in the last great bastion of communism.

      I have to come to the land of mutton and bread sometime. I really want to see how much different it is on that side of the country. This time of year must be great for you guys, sun comes up late and stays up late. We get sunrise too early on this side and it is dark way too early. Next month we get sunrise as we get to work and it is down before we leave. At least I think you guys have sunlight after work.

      Thanks for your comments.

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