Posted by: 1of10boyz | November 15, 2012

Been to a few of those.

When my wife and I got married we had this grand goal to go to all of the temples. Hey, it was Early June 1985, there were only 32 operating temples then. Who knew that the next 27 years would include the announcement and final construction of 144 more temples. Seriously put that on a plot, it is exponential.

We have visited all of the these locations, including Nauvoo before the current temple was rebuilt:

Independence Temple
Kirtland Temple
Far West Temple
Adam-ondi-Ahman Temple
Nauvoo Temple


Now those are some of the “should have built a temple there” location. You might not find them on the normal LDS Temple list but I love the stories that go with each of them. We have made it to a lot of temples in the years of our marriage. We have tried to teach our children about their importance. I hope that they love to go there as much as we do.


1 St. George Utah Temple
2 Logan Utah Temple
3 Manti Utah Temple
4 Salt Lake Temple
5 Laie Hawaii Temple
8 Idaho Falls Idaho Temple
10 Los Angeles California Temple
13 Oakland California Temple
14 Ogden Utah Temple
15 Provo Utah Temple
16 Washington D.C. Temple
18 Tokyo Japan Temple
20 Jordan River Utah Temple
21 Atlanta Georgia Temple
40 Denver Colorado Temple
43 Las Vegas Nevada Temple
44 Toronto Ontario Temple
45 San Diego California Temple
47 Bountiful Utah Temple
48 Hong Kong China Temple
49 Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple
70 Kona Hawaii Temple
73 Albuquerque New Mexico Temple
77 Palmyra New York Temple
81 Memphis Tennessee Temple
84 Nashville Tennessee Temple
94 Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
97 Houston Texas Temple
107 Columbia River Washington Temple
113 Nauvoo Illinois Temple
125 Rexburg Idaho Temple

Do a quick count there and we are at 31. Not the 32 we thought we would get to in 1985. Think that the next one will probably be Seoul.

I have honestly NEVER regretted spending time in the Temple. No matter where the temple is the feeling is the same. Worth it.


Adventure Patches

I am grateful for temples. I love to visit places of worship while traveling and learning about others’ believes. But, I especially love visiting places of worship that I personally hold sacred. If you’ve been enjoying my blog for a while, you know that I make a point of stopping at LDS temples when I travel, even if just for a picture. In fact, it is part of my bucket list to visit all of them.

As you know from a couple of posts ago when I talked about my mission, I am a Mormon. In the LDS Church we have two types of buildings. The first are your standard church building with a chapel, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms and offices used each Sunday and throughout the week for families to gather, worship, socialize and learn. There are thousands of these buildings around the world. The other buildings are temples. These…

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