Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 7, 2012

You have come a long way baby – Women’s Issues in the Middle Kingdom.

Many of my American friends might not understand how good we actually have it being from the United States of America. This is small insight into what life might have been like in the China of last century. I ponder this as my grandmother is in her 90’s and how thankful I am that she was born in Auburn, WY instead of some miniscule equivalent of a village in China. My life is much different because of that good fortune.

Meanwhile in China

A close relative recently passed away at the ripe old age of 100. Born in 1912 in China, her life story documents how far Chinese women have come in the past 100 years. This is a tribute to her fortitude, courage and optimism in spite of gender issues, war and famine in the early years of her long eventful life.

This relative who I’ll call Cho for the purpose of this story, had a tough start to life. Her early years were typical of many young girls of the time.

Cho was the first-born illegitimate child of the maid who looked after her father’s household. As Cho was a girl, her mother was made only a concubine (not the legal wife) by the family. As such, both she and her mother were ill-treated by her father’s first wife and mother. As the first-born child, Cho was raised as a boy…

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  1. Very interesting.

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