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Never Forget – A Lesson

Never Forget

December 07, 1941.

Not much has to be said in America other than that and we understand the sacrifice that was made for the world. Without this event the United States might not have intervened into World War II until much later and then it might have been too late. A strategic blunder made by Japan and Germany that affected the outcome of the war.

This day was one of the events that affected me and my desire to be in the military. The day and its events occurred within the first year of my Father’s life yet 40 something years later were motivation for me.

I was not a “Top Gun” recruit. I was not influenced by Tom Cruise and his portrayal of Navy Life even though the movie was big when I entered the Delayed Entry Program. In some ways I feel more like Lt Dan from Forrest Gump, my family blood is “tainted” by the desire to serve.

Pearl Harbor represents many things to me. I am not a historian but I have played one on TV. I know enough about history to understand it on the surface. I have learned since being here in China that the “cost” of “isolationist” ideas within the US during the 1920s and 1930s inflicted great harm on millions of people.

The impact of isolationist policies in the US allowed Japan to occupy much of China and the Pacific Rim in Japan’s quest for resources. Those resources are directly responsible for Japan’s ability to attack Pearl Harbor. Without the resources attained through the occupation of those areas the Japanese could never have been able to amass the fleet and aircraft needed.

That December Sunday was the day where the Chinese and Americans finally agreed on something: The Japanese are a common enemy. The Chinese had been fighting the Japanese since 1931. It was as widely known that the Japanese were at war with China and their treatment of prisoners was horrible.

The world is more complicated today but in a sense we find ourselves in a similar situation. There are forces and groups in the US that believe that the US should be isolated and ignore the problems in the world around us. To those people I would say remember how it turned out the last time we put our head in the sand? Remember what happened to the world around us when we thought we could ignore and not get involved.

My opinion is it is in the best interest of the US and the WORLD for the US to take the fight to those that deserve it. My belief is that it is in our best interests and the world’s best interest to stay involved with the world’s problems and to police the despots; it is a “pay me now or pay me later” proposition. Either way, we will spill blood; learn from the past America, Don’t forget Pearl Harbor.

Never in the history of America has the “sit back and watch” policy turned out good for the US or the World; in my opinion, it never will. Our failure to be involved and sacrificing for the perception of better/greater good has always led to a greater amount of suffering for everyone involved. Pearl Harbor should be the lesson that teaches us that we can’t stand idly by.

The initial cost of Isolationism.

The initial cost of Isolationism.


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