Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 11, 2012

The Book of Mormon

I haven’t reblogged Rob much of late. I think he does a good job again.

I personally have always hoped for some discovery that erases all doubt – I know today that will never happen.

Rob does a good job explaining why the definitive discovery will never happen. The Book of Mormon is not intended to be believed because of some physical evidence that is found but on a spiritual discovery. The discovery of spiritual confirmation for the Book of Mormon will be a life changing event, that much I can promise.

I have seen that many, many times in my life, not just my life and my family but in total strangers that I have shared it with. That is evidence that exceeds anything that a “Nephi Slept Here” plaque would ever be able to do.

With the little false glimmer of hope that we had this week that China was opening to LDS missionaries I needed a good reminder that it is all in the Lord’s Hands. We are just finishing our yearly read of the Book of Mormon in my home. I was struck by the different perspective I took to some things on this read after living here in China. The story had a different flavor after seeing what I have over here in this culture. I appreciate it even more now with the dynamic that this Chinese experience has provided.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

A recent visitor to this blog asked me the following:  “How can you readily believe in a book, put together by a man, that made almost too many to count, errors about the origins and history of America?”

Like many questions about Mormonism, this is one that we probably brought on ourselves by making claims for the Book of Mormon that the book itself never asserts.  When I was a young man in the Church (I still insist that I am one, but the mirror disagrees), I remember hearing Church members talk about introducing the Book of Mormon to other people as “a history of ancient America.”  Alternatives on the same theme were claims that the Book of Mormon was about “the origin of the Indians” or told “the story of the Mayans.”  These were all ways of stirring up enough interest in non-members to get them to open the…

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