Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 16, 2012

Elephant Hill

We have heard much about the mountain in Guilin called Elephant Hill. It is impressive. It does look like an elephant. The pictures are beautiful but do not do the mountain justice.

as you look at the mountain you can see the trunk of the elephant dipped into the Li River as if to take a drink. The back of the mountain has a tower. The tower looks as if a knife has been thrust into the elephants back and left with just the hilt of the knife showing.

As in everything from ancient China there is mystery around the hill. The tower was built without a door. It is legend that a monk was inside the tower when completed and never came out. I think there was a window in the tower that was large enough to get in and/or out but I didn’t attempt to get to it as it was boarded up.

The mountain like many of the mountains in this area had many little caves and passages. The bottom of the hill had a large cave that served as a winery. The smell of fermented fruit and yeast was quite strong. Away in the park that surrounds the hill near the entrance it smelled like bread baking but at the door it was unmistakable that something else was using the yeast. Rather than kegs and barrels that I am familiar with the wine is created in large jars.

There is also the only FEMALE Buddha Shrine in China carved into the mountain inside the former monk Monastery.

I think that LaDawna was a little worried about the climb, it was just 4 months ago that she had her knee replaced. The climb was not too difficult and we managed without much trouble. The biggest challenge was not going up but coming down. The steeps on the front of the mountain are very steep but we managed to get down without incident.

Like everything else in China where tourists come the vendors and hawkers are plentiful. We didn’t spend here like we have at many of our other spots but we made up for it later in the other little areas around the mountain in the city.



  1. I just realize my comment about your beautiful pictures did not post successfully.

    They are truly inspiring! I hope to see such magnificent sites in my travels and appreciate the time you took to share them.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I think you can post comments but I may have to approve them. I don’t see any comments pending but I will keep looking.
      The picture don’t really do the area justice. As beautiful as the pictures seem the place is even more beautiful in real life if you can imagine that. Definitely ranks in the top 10 places we have ever been.

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