Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 17, 2012

2 Lakes and 4 Rivers

We had read about a tour that is offered in Guilin called the two lakes and four rivers tour. It is touted as a beautiful tour of the city of Guilin and highlights the area and the lights of the city.

We really didn’t want to walk around as the weather has been spitting at us as the sun set. It really hasn’t been raining but there is just enough mist that you can feel the droplets on your skin and especially in my case on my bald head. Our tour guide arranges for our tickets and we stop to have a little dinner.

We walk through the Guilin area that I consider a walking street. It has a number of venders and shops and restaurants. It is nothing that we haven’t seen in many, many other locations in China. Shops selling silk scarves, silver bracelets, chop sticks, trinkets and wooden frogs. Wait, wooden frogs, we have been looking for these since we got some in Taishan last September and have been unsuccessful in get more. We are definitely going to have to get more of those. This particular area only as small ones and only about 6 so we are going to have to see about finding some more.

We arrive at the boat launch after a dinner with the guide. She gets us loaded on the boat and takes the small bag with our frogs to meet us at the departure point.

The tour includes a lock that will allow us to go from the level of the Li River to the level of the lakes and rivers inside the city. We also see a number of performances along the way which are part of the tour.

The weather finally decides that it is going make up its mind and we go from a light mist to a nice calm rain storm. Fortunately our little boat is covered and has windows, I open my window so that I can get clear pictures of the lights and the town.

It really is a beautiful little trip. We disembark after exiting the last lock and a short float down stream on the Li River. I recognize the little hotel we are staying in by the camouflaged cell tower and the hill with the gazebo on it. We are not to far to walk in a calm night but the rain and wind convince me that we are better off waiting under a bridge for the next available taxi.

Our luck is not good with taxis, as we arrive on street level two cabs go by and the next one is not for another 20 minutes, but we are not in the rain and that makes the wait a little more bearable.


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