Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 18, 2012

The Li River

I love the water whether it is fresh or salt for the beauty that I see around it. I love the spray of the ocean as its waves crash against rocks and mountains great and small. I love the wide variety of colors that can be found in the waters of rivers and oceans.

I appreciate a river for many reasons. I have seen them great and small. I have seen them barely large enough to drink from and I have seen them wide and broad. I have waded across and through them. I have swam in them. I have fished in them. I admit that I can rarely look at a river or stream without wishing that I had a fishing pole to see if I could tempt a fish.

Our trip to Guilin allowed us to experience one of the most beautiful rivers that I have ever seen. The area around the Li River is one of the most spectacular sights I have seen since being here in China. The lush vegetation and the beauty of the Karsts that surround the river and provide breathing taking views every time the river changes and courses through the countryside were absolutely worth the trip by themselves.

I am amazed that the area remains so beautiful given that the people continue to live at its edge. My experience in China has not shown the Chinese to be concerned with pollution and garbage so it was surprising NOT to see trash along the banks in great quantities like I see everywhere else. I think that the Li River in this area is as beautiful a stretch of river as any on the planet.

The river continues to serve as an artery for the people that live and work here and yet it still is beautiful. I was blown away by this river; I did not expect it. I have seen pictures of this river and was impressed, but the pictures do not do the place justice. It is something that must be experienced to truly appreciate its beauty. That’s strong praise from someone that lives 90 miles from Yellowstone National Park in America.

The trip was a just a little rainy but only on our return back up the river did we have enough rain to make it uncomfortable. Our guide had arranged for us to have a private raft ride and it was worth it. We stopped along the route to visit his little village and to see what life is like with the only access by boat. I don’t know if I could live in such and environment in China. There was electricity and satellite TV but I think life might not keep me busy enough.

We noticed that many of the trees near the banks of the river didn’t grow up but rather slanted in the direction of the river’s flow. I can imagine that when the rainy season is upon the area the river is much deeper and swifter than we experienced.

The river provided many beautiful views and vistas. One of the views is even famous enough to be on the back of the 20 RMB note.

I would highly recommend a visit to the river and to experience the amazing views that await. I struggle with selecting just a few to share with you as part of this blog. For each one I have shared I have many more that are just as nice.

I would make another trip to this location. It is that good.

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