Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 19, 2012

I don’t use it but now I never will.



Greetings! I just read an interesting article about the new policies being implemented on Instagram. I am floored.  I got the little notice yesterday on Instagram but I just ignored it and figured it would pop up again. These changes are huge and they effect everyone, not just Photographers. While typically you might share what you ate for lunch yesterday at a snazzy new restaurant , what beer you are drinking tonight, or the cute face your child just made… you own the rights to those images. I get it, some people might be flattered to hear that their images could be sold for advertisements (and basically any other reason that Facebook/Instagram might see fit.) but as a photographer and camera artist, I am not.

The problem is, that your work could potentionally be sold, without any notification or compensation to you. Essentially, by continuing to share your photographs, your personal archive of your life on…

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