Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 27, 2012

What did YOU do in the Navy?

I was a submariner.

What is a submariner you ask? Well that is good question. In most instances I will answer with one of my favorite sayings. “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you.”

Not everything that we did was a secret but then many of the things we did, there were few even on the boat underway that knew what we were doing. Me, I always knew what I was doing: Water, Lights, and Propulsion. Yup, that simple, make clean water from salt water, make some electricity for lights and other “stuff”, and push 300+ feet of round black pipe through the ocean. It really doesn’t get simpler than that.

Sure we did some really exciting stuff, we saw some stuff that Americans weren’t supposed to see, we went places that other people didn’t want us to go – just because we could, and we played with stuff that made you realize that maybe, just maybe, you had the coolest job in the world. Most of the time, however, we just went slow and quiet.

I appreciate my buddies that served with me. We have a bond that most people will never have in their lives, that is as strong or stronger than family ties. As I begin this New Year I reflect on the past. Shipmates that have departed this mortal existence sooner than they should have, joys and sorrows for each of us, and promises to see each other again before we too are gone the way of the earth and mortal men. We know today that we are but mortal men, when we served together we thought we were immortal. Oh, the joys of youth and carefree days of more money than responsibilities to family. Those days are gone replaced by children, wives, and grandchildren.

I found the following link the other day while I was eating my lunch and reading. It does a good job of sharing why we have the bond between us that we do.

I am happy to call my shipmates friend. Happy New Year to them and theirs, I wish them Fair winds and following seas.


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