Posted by: 1of10boyz | January 4, 2013

50 – Wu Shi

I got my blog report today. The most impressive number in the whole report was Fifty, 50,or wu shi for my Chinese language goal or New Year’s Resolution.

The number represents the total number of countries that read my blog last year. That is right, people in 50 countries read my blog. The amazing thing is some of them have actually come back to my blog more than once.

I love my audience, I hope that they have enjoyed my “stuff”. I have learned a lot about writing over the past year. None of it that my writing instructors in college or high school would consider important.

I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted this blog to be when I started it. To reflect back on those now, I can freely admit that most of them weren’t good ideas. I doubt that I will ever write well enough or about things that are interesting to lots of people. I admit that it would be nice to have hundreds of people reading what I have to say each time I write but at the same time I fear what that might be like.

I read about a blogger that wrote about Dave Ramsey and her love hate experience with his money program. Ended up that Dave featured her blog on his show and in his column. Her blog blew up and she went from a couple hundred people reading it to 10,000 people reading it. Now there are lots of things to worry about that are more likely than your blog getting 10,000 readers since the probability for my blog to get that kind of readership has the same odds of winning the lottery.

But you know 50 is still a really cool number for me. It represents about 20% of the total number of nations. It is actually higher than that since I am blocked in China as are all of the blogs that haven’t spent a little cash to get the wordpress or blogspot out of the web address. I have often wondered if it would be worth the $30 bucks a year to have my own web address so that the Chinese could read what I write. Maybe this year I will add the resolution to let the Chinese read what I write by paying for my own web address.


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