Posted by: 1of10boyz | February 19, 2013

I would love to hear what my Chinese counterparts think of the probability of these 5 possibilities. Which do they feel is more probable and/or likely? That would be an interesting conversation in my opinion.

China Daily Mail

China DemocracyFew have seriously thought about the probability and the various plausible scenarios of a regime transition in China — until now.

Speculating about China’s possible political futures is an intellectual activity that intrigues some and puzzles many. The conventional wisdom is that the entrenched Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so determined to defend and perpetuate its political monopoly, has the means to survive for an extended period (though not forever). A minority view, however, holds that the CCP’s days are numbered.

In fact, a transition to democracy in China in the next 10 to 15 years is a high probability event

What stands behind this optimistic view about China’s democratic future is accumulated international and historical experience in democratic transitions (roughly 80 countries have made the transition from authoritarian rule to varying forms and degrees of democracy in the past 40 years) and decades of social science research that has yielded important insights into…

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