Posted by: 1of10boyz | March 21, 2013

1090 – That is obscene!

I had a visit at the doctors today to look at my finger and at the same time the driver needed to take care of some maintenance on the car. Under normal circumstances in my life the likelihood of those two events taking about the same amount of time is pretty good. In China, as an expatriate, our medical care is pretty quick and top notch. I am not sure that can be said for the car maintenance, but I should withhold my judgment since car maintenance is magic over here, I never see it happen. Given those facts I was done much sooner than the car. In fact I finished the evaluation and x-ray an hour and half before the car was finished.

To kill some time I went to one of the local equivalents of a mall. It isn’t often that I go to the mall and just walk around but the mall is a much better option than sitting in the hospital for more than an hour. Yes I like watching people and the only thing wrong with the hospital is that nearly all of the people you are seeing have something that you don’t want. I believe that everything that warrants a visit to the hospital in China is also probably contagious. I don’t want to increase the probability of getting any of those “gifts” from my current “home”.

My wife and I have at least one thing in common, neither of us can stand the mall. We don’t like to window shop and we typically have lots of things that we like to do that are more fun than going to the mall, including watching paint dry. So I honestly don’t spend a lot of time in the mall equivalents over here. Today, I will wander because there is nothing better to do while waiting for my ride home.

I wander past one of the numerous clothing stores and the price tags catch my eye. I pause and blink and shake my head. I can’t believe that the price is right or real. It indicates that this rather plain looking long sleeved shirt is 6780 RMB. At my current exchange rate of 6.22 RMB/1  USD that is a seriously expensive shirt.  That is a $1,090 USD long sleeved shirt.

WTH! OMG! You have got to be kidding me!

Nope, the price is indicated correctly. It really is over a grand for one shirt. I wished that I had been allowed to take a picture of it; the store person was quick to come and tell that no pictures were allowed. I was tempted to ignore her and take it any way. I am pretty sure that nearly everyone I know would never consider paying this kind money for a shirt. In reality, I am not sure that I know ANYONE that would pay that kind of money for a long-sleeved shirt, maybe a suit, but just one shirt, no way.

I admit that the other shirts in this particular store where higher than others in the “mall” but in a country that struggles with immense poverty. Where the middle income family is someone with a monthly amount of about 3,000 RMB, a shirt priced like that is outlandish. It was just on a shelf and not in a window display so it obviously wasn’t some kind of ‘trophy”.

What is the highest price you have every paid for any clothing article you have purchased. What was it? How many times did you wear it?


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