Posted by: 1of10boyz | April 25, 2013

That just ain’t right

One of the things that really irritates me about working here in China is the way they do holidays. I am talking about Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas; although that should irritate me since they don’t have them but that is a different blog.

I am talking about what we end up doing so that the holiday that happens in the middle of the week actually gets celebrated. Imagine that you have a National Holiday, say International Labor Day, occurring on Wednesday. It does this year so not too hard to imagine, it is May 1st. In order to make it more meaningful and enjoyable and the best way to do that is instead of having one day off let’s have three days off. Now that will really make it a lot better by almost anyone’s standards. So, what am I complaining about?

Well, we are talking about a Wednesday holiday, how do you get three days off for a one day holiday? It isn’t like Thanksgiving that is always on a Thursday so you get Friday off and WOW what a great holiday. Think about it, there just isn’t a good way to make that work, unless you are in China.

In China when you turn that one day holiday into three it is simple, the Government looks at the calendar and decides that the only way you can make a three-day holiday is by turning the prior weekend into work days. Yup, to get Monday and Tuesday off to go along with your Wednesday holiday, you are working Saturday and Sunday instead. What the crap?

Now, that just isn’t right. I can tell you that would never fly in the US. Why, you might ask? Well for one the unions would have a fit. Most of them have clauses in their labor agreements that give them time and half and in some cases double time when you ask them to do those kinds of things. Pat your union brother or sister on the back for helping to save the sanctity of the weekend.

Since the weekend here in China doesn’t really have that sanctity I would like to make a recommendation for how they should plan these kinds of holidays in the future. If you are going to make me and others work on the weekend so I can have a three-day holiday based on a Wednesday holiday, please make me work the following Monday and Tuesday. I want those holidays on a Thursday and Friday.

Learn from me China, PLEASE. The only thing better than a 3 day holiday after working on Saturday and Sunday is to have a 5-day holiday. If China learns anything from me, I hope it is that. I will let you know if they do next year when we have the government announcement in January about when the Holidays will be for the coming year.

Not holding my breath and don’t thing that you should either.


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