Posted by: 1of10boyz | April 27, 2013

News of the Odd

I am a real “odd news” kind of guy. I like to read those human interest stories that are so odd that they have to be true.

This little story is from one of the little newspapers we picked up on the flight to Hong Kong yesterday.

All’s well that ends in a well.

A rotund woman caused a stir in a village under Tengzhou city on Sunday when she became stuck in a well after quarrelling with her husband, the Qilu Evening News reports. She was believed to have intentionally jumped into the well, but became stuck. Many people gathered around until she was saved. She expressed regret for her “silly” decision.

Yup, you just can’t make that kind of story up.

I found the original story from the Qilu Evening News and the picture is from their story. I will have to remember to ask my friends that use Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter/Facebook) to see if they can find some more on that story for me.

This Link will take you to the actual “google translate” version of the website. It might give you a failure but it really is there but probably getting a lot of traffic right now. The translation is what it is, the surprising thing is I have learned to read Chinese machine translation now. Good luck to the rest of you that haven’t gained that skill yet.

Getting out of the well

Getting out of the well


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