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Wife of shot submariner Ian Molyneux accepts Elizabeth Cross – Video Clip

Anyone that wonders why something like this happens hasn’t been on a submarine. It is no easy task, IMO, the best and the brightest are assigned to those duties (sure I am prejudiced – I was one of them). The fact is with some of that intelligence goes some unique quirks that get “louder” with the stress of that life. The fact that you don’t hear more about it might be a more amazing fact, of course, you have some of your best “buddies” along with you to make life a little more even. We also end up with many of us calling one tour enough.

Submarine Diary

 Click on picture for video clip

Gillian Molyneux says Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux would have wanted to “protect” his fellow submariners when he was shot.

The widow of a naval officer who was shot dead by a junior rating on board a nuclear submarine has been awarded a medal to mark her loss.

Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux was killed by Able Seaman Ryan Donovan while HMS Astute was docked in Southampton in 2011.

Gillian Molyneux was given the Elizabeth Cross, which is awarded to servicemen’s next-of-kin and women killed on duty, at a ceremony in Wigan.

She said it was a “recognition” of what she and her four children had lost.

Mrs Molyneux, who lives in Standish, said the medal was one “no next-of-kin ever wishes to receive” but it recognised her family lost “through Ian’s dedication to the Royal Navy, Queen and country”.

“I lost my soul mate when…

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