Posted by: 1of10boyz | May 15, 2013

Job prospects grim for China’s 7 million fresh graduates

Not good news for the rest of the world, the great recession is starting to impact the Chinese. My American friends ponder this, the Zhang (with a MA degree) in this story, getting a job teaching or training thinks she will have to accept a job paying less than 800 USD a month. That should make of few of you say ouch.

China Daily Mail

China Job When James Zhao, 23, read news reports last Friday claiming Renren, the “Facebook of China“, could be laying off three-quarters of the staff at its 3G technology department, his heart sank.

Having been unsuccessful in his job applications to several multinational tech firms, including mobile giant Motorola, he was hoping to have better luck with local companies like Renren.

“If even the local firms are cutting staff, then the hiring sentiment is getting from bad to worse,” Zhao told The Straits Times. He will graduate next month with a master’s degree in software engineering from a university in Beijing.

One key reason for his employment woes is the record bumper crop of 6.99 million fresh graduates – 190,000 more than last year – who will enter the job market this year. A sluggish economic recovery also dampens hiring prospects, with some state media calling 2013 “the…

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