Posted by: 1of10boyz | May 19, 2013

Chinese tourists’ bad manners harming country’s reputation

WHOA! That is some of the most honest descriptions of Chinese that I have heard. Just ask the wife about “talking loudly in public places” – her greatest pet peeve for Chinese.

China Daily Mail

Chinese Vice PremierWang Yang has criticized the “uncivilized behavior” of his countrymen when they travel abroad, which he says has harmed the nation’s image. He blamed the “poor quality and breeding” of the Chinese tourists.

According to Shangaiist, Wang made the remarks during a meeting to discuss the country’s new tourism law. He said that some particularly bad manners – talking loudly in public places, crossing the streets on red lights, public spitting – are giving a bad name to China.

Spitting is common in some parts of China, and many elder Chinese do not consider it rude or impolite, says the BBC’s Raymond Li. Ahead the Olympic Games in 2008, Beijing tried to get its citizens to improve their manners in public, including by reducing spitting and littering. Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, who introduced anti-spitting rules in the 1980s, was known to keep a…

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