Posted by: 1of10boyz | May 24, 2013

China and it’s neighbours: A tale of two fishing boats

Two Fishing boats, an interesting picture of what China isn’t doing and how it isn’t really concerned about what my western mind would have thought to be more politically important. It will be interesting to hear if we start seeing armed conflicts between the NKA (I mean North Korean fishermen) and Chinese peasant fishermen.

China Daily Mail

Is the Chinese government’s uneasy friendship with North Korea costing it the public’s confidence? A curious confluence of recent events involving two fishing vessels suggests that might be the case.

The crisis began in the waters of Scarborough Shoal, a set of fish-laden reefs and small rocky islands west of the Philippines and the source of territorial disputes among the Philippines, China and Taiwan. (China views Taiwan as a breakaway province and thus sees Taiwanese territorial claims as inseparable from those of the mainland.) On May 9, after a month of escalating tensions between China and the Philippines, a Filipino coastguard vessel fired on the Guang Da Hsin 28, a Taiwanese fishing boat in the region, killing one.

The incident, and the Philippines’ lack of a formal apology for it, set off fierce popular anger in Taiwan. President Ma Ying-jeou responded with – among other measures – a 

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