Posted by: 1of10boyz | June 2, 2013

The road to disappointment!

Found this to be rather funny. Reminds me of a discussion I had the other day about pessimism and optimism. Some of these little gems in this post are spot on.

If there is any magic in this world...

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I want it! I need it! I have to have it! I am supposed to have it! I should have it! Now!
I woke up today in a world where everybody was a cloned version of myself. Where everyone looked like me, behaved like me and agreed with me, all the time. Things were always happening the way I wanted it, and people always behaved the way I expected them to!

It was fun for…. a few minutes, and then thanks God I realized I was not awake and it was just a dream!

It’s good that in the real world you can’t always get what you think you want.

Then why do we get disappointed when things are not going our way? When people are not acting as we expect them to? Is it them or is it us?

Strange but true, many of us actively cultivate disappointment, unconsciously…

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