Posted by: 1of10boyz | June 5, 2013

Turkey and China: Taksim, Tiananmen and the circling squares

Here is the story, 24th anniversary. My thoughts are simply this: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. (George Santayana).
The storm is coming and I think the Chinese Leaders know it. They don’t have an idea how to manage change without it turning into a repeat of the fall of the USSR. Someday I would like to visit Tiananmen when it is not totally freezing.

China Daily Mail

New Hampshire’s state motto advises the people to “Live Free or Die” (生活或死亡). So this is a good place to read and ponder the news on Istanbul’s ongoing conflict in Taksim Square.

At the same time, we can see the BBC news reports on official Chinese protests claiming US “prejudice” in an oddly timed back-and-forth exchange about a State Department release in 2012, calling for accountability and transparency about its own square, Tiananmen (1989).

Tiananmen, which is denied by China, has uncounted deaths, and is a subject not to be publicly discussed to this day. That’s Chinese government policy.

Social media is stepping up as an important actor in the Istanbul conflict and distributing tactical, crowd-sourced information for the thousands of protesters and global supporters. Official Turkish media (TV) is reportedly ignoring the violence.

Predictably, this has fed a broadening of the protest objectives (which started with public…

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