Posted by: 1of10boyz | July 25, 2013

Where I stand: The Aftermath of the Zimmerman Trial

So, I needed a little controversy on my blog to boost my numbers; here it is. I agree for the most part.

Citizen Plain

PT2So now it is not just Stevie Wonder! A small army of entertainers has decided to boycott Florida…no concerts and no appearances for the very fans who bought their albums and merchandise and made them the cool guys they are.  Many of those adoring fans probably even felt the same way about the outcome of the Zimmerman trial. Though I think it is sad for those fans, I am not losing any sleep over it. Over Kanye? Please. The Stones? I dont think so…just looking at Mick Jagger for more than 20 seconds makes my eyes hurt.

Anyone who knows me will know right away that I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I despise it. I grew up in a place in this country where it is very easy to fall into racial prejudice. It was common, but I resisted it because I didn’t see other people…

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