Posted by: 1of10boyz | August 4, 2013

If the Book of Mormon is a Record of Ancient Americans, Why is it Written in King James English?

I never heard the argument while on my mission but have heard it a number of times since. A sound answer to the question in my opinion.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

I read a recent article by a critic  who laid out his bill of particulars against the LDS Church.  There was nothing new or particularly interesting in what I saw there, but he did drag out an old argument against the Book of Mormon that I haven’t heard for some time.  The argument goes something like this:  If the Book of Mormon was written by ancient inhabitants of America, and translated by a 19th-century American, then why is it written in King James English?  Doesn’t that just show that the Book of Mormon is a tawdry knock off of the Bible?

Without putting too much thought to the issue, two responses immediately come to mind.

The first is that the Book of Mormon isn’t written in King James English.  While Joseph Smith used vocabulary that was similar to what we would expect from the Bible or perhaps Shakespeare, with a…

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