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S. Korean Navy offers insight into demanding submarine life

I had never thought about bad teeth being a problem caused by submarine life. I am quite aware, however, of the stench that accompanied us home after deployments and weekly ops. The smell is one you may not be able to describe but when we smell it or something similar we are immediately aware of why we remember the smell.

Submarine Diary

 — Life aboard a submarine can be tough. Operations are hectic, quarters are cramped and the health of crew members can suffer as a result.
Captain Hyun Chang-hoon used to have strong teeth before he joined the submarine fleet more than 20 years ago, but now the 47-year-old suffers from dental disease, which is a common health problem for veteran submariners due to the higher-than-normal amount of carbon dioxide inside a submarine.

“Think about artificial teeth left in a can of Coca-Cola, which contains carbon dioxide. Teeth will dissolve a couple days later,” Hyun said. “My bad teeth are just one example of life in the deep sea where there’s no light.”
Hyun, the captain of a 1,800-ton submarine named after a famous independence fighter Ahn Jung-geun (1877-1910), was speaking of the intense lifestyle of soldiers in this unit during a Yonhap reporter’s visit to the ninth flotilla submarine base…

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