Posted by: 1of10boyz | August 12, 2013

Wild raspberries

I have tried to explain to my Chinese friends what these are. They say that they have them in the mountains here. They are actually called mountain berries (Shan mei). I have yet to see them or figure out where they might be. The search continues.

Bente Haarstad Photography


In Scandinavia many still want to pick wild berries to make jam and marmelade. It used to be a a necessity, now it is a luxery. At least it is for me. I enjoy picking. I like my own marmelade because it consists only of berries and suger. No additives, no pollution, at least as I know. And the taste! Can’t compete with anything from the shop.


The amount of wild berries varies. This year there is few cloudberries around here, and they are not abundant as I wrote in a post last year. But there are lots of wild raspberries, and I picked some this weekend. That mean the wonderful season of wild berries have started. There are more photos in my wild berries photo gallery.



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