Posted by: 1of10boyz | August 13, 2013

Diego Rivera Blog #8

A friend shared this on facebook. I didn’t know much about it and the small picture I saw didn’t have the spanish across the arch. I thought it look like a bunch of Chinese. Same era as the communists were fighting with the Whites for control of the country. We all know that the Reds won. Interestingly, many of my non-communist friends ask me why I always call the soldiers I see the Red Army. Seriously. I have to see if there is an official name for the People’s Liberation Army besides the Red Army.

Sflippo's Blog

The Arsenal by Diego Rivera from 1928 while in Mexico

This piece of work, The Arsenal, by Diego Rivera was a response to a recent visit of his to the USSR in 1927. Rivera was in the Soviet Union as a member of an official delegation of Mexican Communist Party for the tenth anniversary of The October Revolution. Upon his return to Mexico, he painting “The Arsenal” to show his support for the Workers Movement in Mexico. In the image, you can see his wife, Frida Kahlo handing out the weapons to surrounding communist supporters from all walks of life. Rivera went to great lengths to depict certain individuals and supporters in this painting.

Diego was a well travelled individual for the 1920’s with trips to the USSR, Italy, Spain, and even France. As a result, his artwork reflects a lot of different influences. For instance, from his trips, he…

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