Posted by: 1of10boyz | August 25, 2013

China: Response to “Women’s Rights at Risk” by Leta Hong Fincher

There is something happening in China, I totally agree. What it is I cannot tell, but I can sense it, I can feel it. There is change coming and the real challenge for Chinese leadership is how do they control it. It is like watching water as it comes to a full rolling boil, right now we are at the point where it is just a few bubbles in most of the pot. There are some places where it is a little more vigorous. The problem for the Chinese government is that the full rolling boil is coming and there is nothing that can be done about it. If you stop the movement towards capitalism the pot will boil over but it you keep going the pot will also boil over. The fact that the pot is going to boil is irrefutable, what you do to manage it and put it to good use is debatable; we know that we don’t want it to just boil all over make a mess of everything else it touches.

China Daily Mail

With response to the article “Women’s Rights at Risk” by Leta Hong Fincher:

What we can say about Mao’s policies during the Cultural Revolution and Great Leap Forward is that they were equally destructive to both men and women. In terms of the Great Famine, starvation certainly did not distinguish one gender from the other: it claimed the lives of both sexes. To paint Mao as a proponent of women’s rights, even slightly, is like painting Thatcher as the feminist of our time. Only worse, considering how far-reaching the impact of Mao’s destructive policies were in China.

Let’s consider for a moment why Mao would consider “overcoming traditional forms of male-female inequality” to be a “revolutionary goal:” Communism. Mao was spreading Communism and making the people believe that it was best for the country. In order for Communism to work, barriers must be broken down…

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