Posted by: 1of10boyz | September 13, 2013

Perspective and Life

I was reminded of an interesting conundrum that I have seen here in China when I read the following story:

An advertisement by a private WuHan hospital offering a 50% discount on abortions has been widely criticized, the Wuhan Evening News reports. The hospital said many students had taken up the “helping with love” offer. With the discount the cost of an abortion  would come to 450 Yuan ($73 USD). A famous sexologist said at least 30% of mainland university students have had sex.

Sure I could make lots of comments about this story, I am sure that some of you will wonder which one I am going discuss. Sorry, a serious thought came into my head on this one.

The Chinese consider themselves 1 when they are born.

When you ask someone how old they are (which is considered rude by the way – I can ask which sign they are in the Shēngxiào (Chinese: 生肖) and then calculate it) they are always going to give me a number that is one higher than someone from the US would give. Seems that you are one when you are born or shortly thereafter as they typically have a big party after the kid is 100 days old but that is part of an entirely different thing, I think.

I find it odd that you are one when you are born but there is no stigma or evilness associated with abortions like we see in the US. Truly puzzling when it would seem that they are recognizing that life begins in the womb.

I don’t claim to have answers on this one. I just wondered why the difference and not really finding a good place to get answers either.


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