Posted by: 1of10boyz | September 13, 2013

The Fishing Fleet Returns

As I walked my little Pom dog today I noticed that there was a great amount of traffic going down one of the little side roads towards the little fishing boat harbor. I have been down this little road just a short distance when I saw some fishermen building a new boat. I have never been all the way down the road onto the pier. There didn’t seem to be much reason for all of them arriving. They just seemed to be standing around and mulling about.

I reached the turn-around point and looked out toward the sea, there coming around the great new pier was the fishing fleet.

They don’t look too big here do they

I made my way back to the little road and walked down to the pier. I walked through the courtyard and down towards the fleet. The ground is littered with fish, crab, and shrimp “parts”. It is obvious that this place sees lots of those kinds of things just discarded and left behind.

My favorite ride in China, the two wheeled tractor and multipurpose wagon.

The fleet is in and it is obviously shrimp season. Not the shrimp that we like to eat here in China, but the little shrimp that we like to call “Alien”.

Honestly believe that this creature is the muse for the one you see in the movie.


They fleet has caught thousands of pounds of little aliens.

Lots of work I am sure

This guy had a successful day.

The pay master and the scale

He didn’t do too bad either

Think that this turned out rather nice too.

Not nearly as dramatic without the back drop from the clouds and the filter no is it.

A reminder of why they go fishing

That is how I remember the wives dressing when we returned from sea.

The big refrigerator truck is filled with drums of water that the disks of aliens are dropped into to be shipped all over the rest of China.

Put them in a little pan so that they can all breathe while being shipped.

The wives and family all have a part in getting them into the food supply chain here in China.

I am guessing about 10 pounds per little basket. 60-80 pounds per laundry basket when they get brought to this point.

It also has the tanks of water that the baskets are submerged in when they are loaded.

Our friend here is all in a panic because his comrade has stuffed one of the little “aliens” down his shirt.

Dude was seriously jumping around just before the picture. Shutter just missed it.

As I return down the beach I notice that the power plant looks nice from this angle with the tide out.

You actually have the power plant AND another fishing village here but it still looks cool. See the lady in the rocks catching crabs?

It is also rather interesting to see the other version of our local fishermen.

This fishermen is using the boat that I have shown before. The rebar surrounding the styrofoam boat, yes that is it out there behind them.

They are actually growing some clam-ish version of a shell fish. They have withdrawn the “nets” so that they can fill them again with additional feed for the growing bigger.

Feeding the clams

Yes I know that they really aren’t clams

The clam

So what is the name of this thing? It doesn’t really matter, they taste good.


Oh, and that isn’t too bad a sunset for my little beach chateau either.

My house from the Beach

Not a bad sunset, I admit this is the cloud setting on my Galaxy phone but still a nice picture.

A tree and the Sun

Standing right next to my building. Nice view, by December the sun will have moved to the north so far it wouldn’t even be in the picture standing here.



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