Posted by: 1of10boyz | September 14, 2013

Two Hours on a Street – Hai Zheng Lu.

I hate to stay home on the weekend. Especially when I am in China by myself. This weekend is the last weekend before big holiday Mid-Autumn Festival. I think I will wander down Hai Zeng Lu in downtown Haiyang, Shandong, China. The arrows tell you Left is West and Right is East.

You are Here.

You are Here.

I love to walk down HaiZheng Lu. It is one of the most unique streets here in Haiyang. It is what I would call the market street. It isn’t the main road in town but one block to the south, so it doesn’t get all of the through town traffic but it has pretty much everything else. I am going to show you what I saw in the two hours I spent observing life in China. Granted this just my point of view, ladies might have observed things that I didn’t see so this is biased to a man’s point of view. I recognized that after the first hour or so and tried to see without the bias.

The section of town that we will walk is about 3 km round trip, so just a little over a mile down and back. Not too far but we cram a lot of stuff into that half mile on both sides of the road.

Alrighty then here we go.

Things start to pickup as we move down the street towards the center of town.

We have made it half-way down the block and things are picking up, really we have made it one full block but this street is not much to speak of. Barely a car and a half wide. That doesn’t stop the locals from trying to drive two cars down it AND still have vendors along the side selling. Creates a little bit of a traffic jam as the cars, bikes, scooters, pedestrians, and whatever else folks are riding today merge together. The zen of this spot is quite strong as I don’t seen anyone get knocked down or run over or into.

Always something to eat along the road. Can’t go shopping on an empty stomach so plenty to eat along with the shopping. Street vendors and patrons.

So we made all the way down the road, two blocks, about 1.5 km so far.  Here is what you see at the corner.

We have made it back to the middle again and here is the view. The lunch crowd is out now, the shop keepers are rushing to the street to get some food so they can hurry back to the shop and take a nap.

There are lots of other things to see besides food and people. We have pets and other products.

And there you have it two hours of walking on one street. A little taste of what it is like on Hai Zheng Lu on a Saturday morning just before a big holiday. It will be like this for several more weekends. The normal is not too much different.



  1. AWESOME thanks for sharing.

    • Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Looks like you had fun, enjoy Moon Festival next week!

    • Thanks for stopping by.

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