Posted by: 1of10boyz | October 12, 2013

7 Common Myths About Mormons: Really Want to Know?

Always a good read. The knock most people have on the Bible, against Mormons and “Other Believers”, is we take what is written there too literally; 6 Day creation, talking Asses, Flooded world, parted red sea, Resurrection, Devil, etc. I have found in most cases that the Mormons are a little more willing to see the point of the story without questioning how it actually happened. Since how it happened isn’t nearly as important as what is shows and implies.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

1. Mormons don’t have more than one wife. The Church stopped practicing plural marriage like 130 years ago. All those kids in the minivan? Same wife (usually). We aren’t polygamists. We’re just fertile.
2. Mormons aren’t forbidden to drink caffeine. No coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs. But no official position on caffeine. Good thing. Some of us are taking Dr Pepper by IV.
3. Mormons don’t have horns. Used to hear this one all of the time, but only rarely now. It’s hair that we don’t have. Just watch conference. But don’t get me wrong: Horns would be cool.
4. Mormons don’t have magic underwear. Yes, if we have gone through the temple, we do wear underclothing that is symbolic of our covenants, but our drawers don’t have any magical properties. My socks, however, can melt steel. But that isn’t magic. It’s a superpower.
5. Mormons don’t ignore the…

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