Posted by: 1of10boyz | October 20, 2013

Do Mormons Believe in the Resurrection?

I love that we understand the Resurrection and that promise of the Empty Tomb. Makes somethings in this life much better.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

I had the unenviable opportunity again this week to attend a funeral.  The older you get, the more time you spend in a black suit bidding friends and family good-bye.  At least this time I wore a tan suit, just to trick things up a bit.  That, and the black suit has a hole in it.

Whenever I attend a funeral for someone of a another faith, I try to pay a great deal of attention to the mood and the messages.  I have been in funeral services that were full of faith and hope.  Others were painful lamentations of a inconsolable loss.  And there have been any number of services running the gamut in between.

This funeral leaned much more to the positive side than most.  The music was energetic (the pianist banged out the hymns like she had a taxi waiting for her with the meter running).  The…

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