Posted by: 1of10boyz | November 5, 2013

Careering Out of Control

I think we have all had nightmares about being in politics. Maybe it is that night you drank too much eggnog and swore that you could do a better job than “whatshername” or “whatshisname”. Then the eggnog reminds you in the middle of the night that the skeletons in your closet aren’t really hiding, they are venturing out into open daylight quite regularly and you know that they don’t deserve any television time. Sometimes I think politicians in general must have suffered brain damage since the rewards for over-exposure in the media certainly aren’t worth it.

Mostly Bright Ideas

ReporterIn a recent moment of inexplicable self-assurance, I blurted out my intention to run, simultaneously, for president of the United States and prime minister of Canada. It isn’t that I think I could do a better job than either of the two people currently occupying those positions. It’s that I no longer believe anyone could. The complexity of both offices is too great, too entangled with conflicting issues and interests, so that any opinion or position is guaranteed to infuriate half the population. Success shimmers like a mirage, luring novice and veteran alike, but it remains out of reach.

As a result, election night euphoria is always followed by months of second-guessing and disappointment, then years of finger-pointing, accusations, and vague conspiracy theories. In the United States, the new president has barely finished the last dance at the Inaugural Ball when the problems start: the Attorney General has hired a…

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