Posted by: 1of10boyz | November 20, 2013

Why Can’t I Rely on What Former Mormons Tell Me About the Church?

My first exposure to “Anti” was on my mission in So Cal in the 80s. Lots of hot bed activities there with the “new” movies and knocking doors always put us in the position to find someone that wanted to “save us”. There never really is a better answer to how to know than to find out for yourself.
I tried to convince my son that he didn’t want to join the military, because I didn’t like it much when I was in, but the only way he could really know whether he liked it or not was to do it himself. For the record he is still deciding whether the military is right for him and his family or not. At that point in my experience I KNEW it was not for me. Religion is such a personal experience that even when everyone you know says “boo” you can’t say if that will be true for you.
Thanks to Rob for another great article.

Mormonism: Really Want to Know?

Early in my mission (which was NOT, despite what my children will tell you, served in the “Cro-Magnon North” Mission), I first came across anti-Mormon literature (applying a very broad definition of that word) written by former members of the Church.  I had the same kind of reaction that most LDS people do when they see such stuff, which is a feeling of betrayal.  How could someone who had been a member of the Church say such ugly and untrue things?

My bigger problem was:  How do I explain this to people looking into the Church?

My companion at the time had sort of a fallback question he would ask when someone presented him with material written about the Church by non-members:  “If you were interested in a buying a Ford, would you talk to a Chevy dealer?  Would you expect them to give you an honest answer about Fords?”…

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