Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 12, 2013


I admit to being a little geeky when it comes to numbers and sequences of numbers. I have been in trouble more than a few times because of numbers.

I remember a moment in the first grade where I was writing numbers to the point that the teacher, may have been a substitute, took the page and threw it in the garbage. I remember how upset I was because it was just sitting right there in the garbage can by the door, taunting me. I was too afraid to just reach down and pick it up while we were standing there by the door to go to recess.

I remember finding a classmate’s locker combination, dope left it right out in the open for all to see, and it was one of those sequences that just stuck. Ended up opening his locker to prove that I could, he was mad and turned me in to the Section Chief. I guess I might have been a little indignant that I would be in trouble for proving to the dope that he really was an idiot but hey life isn’t fair.

Got a pretty cool sequence today: 12th month, 12th day, 13th year, 13th hour, 14th minute, and 14th second.

What were you doing at 12/12/13, 13:14.14? Me, I was taking a picture of the knock-off watch on my arm. A moment frozen in time but a pretty cool one in my opinion.

What time is it? It is 12/12/13 13:14.14

What time is it? It is 12/12/13 13:14.14


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