Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 23, 2013

Washington Hunter Kills 2 Mountain Lions With 1 Arrow

Great story. Glad to hear that the Animal Cops did the right thing too. Would really like a followup story on what the taxidermist came up with for the mount.

Rack Em Up

Washington Hunter Kills 2 Mountain Lions With 1 Arrow

A Washington bowhunter went through 18 lives with one arrow on Monday when he bagged two mountain lions at the same time.

Ben Hendrickson, 36, of Spokane and his friend Rod Noah, 58, of Chattaroy had been hunting the woods of Pend Oreille County for elk when the cat fluke occurred.

The two had been hunting elk for several days with little luck. That situation changed Monday evening when Noah called in what he thought was a deer.

“I was nearby, but Rod was doing the calling, so they were homed in on him,” Hendrickson told the Spokesman-Review. When the “deer” raised its tail, Noah immediately recognized it as a cougar. With a lion tag in his pocket, Noah took the 32-yard shot. “I’ve never even seen a mountain lion in the wild,” Noah said. “I didn’t hesitate at the chance.” Noah took the animal with a broadside shot. Then…

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