Posted by: 1of10boyz | December 23, 2013

You Better Watch Out

This is Classic. This is why I love following Bronxboys blog, he knocks ’em out of the park when he is on his game. This one is definitely a homerun. I dare you to read it without at least smirking and I know some of you will LOL. Good Stuff.

Mostly Bright Ideas

CarolersThe carols are playing in the background, pretty much everywhere I go. But I don’t hear them anymore. They seem to appear a little earlier every year, so that the first one causes me to say out loud – even if I’m alone – “Is that Christmas music?” The shock lasts for several seconds, just long enough to confound me. I glance at the calendar and see that it’s the middle of October, and in my confusion I put my bathing suit on backward. I don’t even know why I’m wearing a bathing suit, because I haven’t gone swimming since 1997. Also, it’s nine degrees outside, with the wind chill. This is a clear sign that I’m suffering from what I call Seasonal Disorientation Disorder.

Symptoms of SDD can occur at any time. In early January, when Valentine’s Day has already taken over the retail landscape, I feel unsteady on…

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