Posted by: 1of10boyz | January 20, 2014

I threw up in my mouth!

I know that I shared a story about giving back to the school in one of the little towns that is “managed” under the umbrella of Haiyang. I didn’t want to spoil the story with this little side note.

I sat politely in the room while the giants with the name placards gave speeches and shared compliments. Mostly, just a fly on the wall seeing how things are done when we give away thousands of yuan.

In my quest to learn Chinese, I have become a really good listener. The problem is I only get about 10 out of 100 words when they are talking and those aren’t words that make a sentence. So I listen and politely clap when everyone else claps. Typically my limited understanding is also on a 1 minute time delay so sometimes I clap and then figure out what they said.

What I realized shortly after I clapped and about the same time I threw up in my mouth is that they were praising Mao Zedong. I seriously had just clapped, even politely, for the communist party person praising Mao. Oh, that sucked.

While I have great respect for the Mao of the Chinese Civil War, the pre-great leap forward Mao, and the leader that brought China from the feudal state that existed during the years of the Republic after the fall of the Last Emperor my admiration stops there. I despise the man that he became when he shifted the focus from China to himself. When he did anything and everything that could possibly be done to retain the power himself. So, there you have it I clapped for a man who became one of the men that is grouped with very infamous partners, in short a despot.

Next time I need to take along someone to translate so I only applaud for things I agree with and don’t tacitly approve of things that might make me throw up.

The Chinese leader over Education in Haiyang

The Chinese leader over Education in Haiyang on the right in Black.


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